Best Pointed Pen Nibs for Calligraphy

Naturally, deciding which pointed pen nibs are the ‘best’ in your own eyes, is going to take plenty of personal experimentation. Some nibs can cause beginners problems, while other nibs will have their performance dependent on how heavy the hand the person using the nib is. However, there are still plenty of nibs that enjoy such an overwhelming popularity and positive response¬†in the feedback they receive, it becomes fairly easy to recommend them.

One easy way to solve this dilemma, is to try a nib sampler (N154) and find out which one works best for you.


What are the Best Calligraphy Nibs (Pointed)?

Short-list. Please scroll below for more details and photos of each selection, (item number on our website to purchase)

  • Nikko G Nib (N113)
  • Zebra G (N118)
  • Brause Rose Nib (N69)
  • Leonardt Principal Nib (N120)
  • Brause 66EF Nib (N70)


N113 Nikko G- The Nikko G is a nib from Japan which has enjoyed immense popularity among calligraphers for years now. These nibs are very smooth writers and don’t have the tendency to catch on most papers like many other nibs are wont to do. ¬†While Nikko G’s are classified as having a medium flexibility, some calligraphers might find that they are still either too stiff or too flexible. However, they are also nibs that last.



N118 Zebra G– While this nib shares some similarities with the Nikko G, the Zebra G, offers more flexibility and finer hairlines during use. For those who write in such a manner that requires more flexibility from a nib, the Zebra G could be a fantastic choice. Also, this nib is available in a titanium version (N153) which is said to last 4 times longer than the steel version.



N69 Brause Rose Nib– The Brause Rose nib is another winner with a good amount of flex to it. This nib has been a long time favorite among calligraphers and has a sturdiness and quality similar to vintage calligraphy nibs.


N120 Leonardt Principal EF– A smooth and all-around high quality nib, that has a tendency to catch less than many other nibs and also a very good lifespan. Good flexibility and fine hairlines.



N70 Brause 66EF Nib– A fantastic nib for copperplate calligraphy. The Brause 66EF are of consistent quality and are also very flexible in their use.


These are just some of our selection of pointed calligraphy nibs. Of course, finding the one that will work best for you and your own particular project may take some experimentation. However, the nibs on this list offer a very good starting place for most calligraphers. For our entire stock of nibs for pointed pen calligraphy, click here.

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