Calligraphica Oblique Holder

We are excited to be carrying this new holder from Calligraphica. The holder retails for $34.95, a great price for such a versatile tool, but we have it at an introductory price of $29.95 for a limited time!

The Calligraphica Oblique Holder is a wood and steel holder works with almost all pointed nibs without having to fiddle with the flange! Rest your nib on the flat tray of the steel flange and tighten the screw with your fingers to secure the nib in place (the flange concept is similar to the Blackwell Oblique Holder).

This holder has an unfinished, birch-wood staff, and instead of the hourglass shape, the grip has a scooped-out area for your index finger. The angle of the sturdy flange is already adjusted to lessen pen catches on upstrokes. 

This reservoir is a handy accessory for the Calligraphica Holder.
It allows the nib to hold 3-4 times more ink than the nib alone! It is attached to the backside of the flat-tray flange and works with almost any nib. The reservoir is specific to this oblique holder; it is not a universal reservoir.

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