Even More Sale Items for Black Friday 2015 at John Neal Books

As we announced in a previous post, we are really excited to have our first Black Friday sales event. The feedback has been so positive, we have decided to add some more items to the list of sales we are having. Not to mention, the Free domestic shipping for all orders $100 or more on 11/27-11/28, 2015!

Here are the recent additions to the sales list, below. For the full + up to date list and complete info on our Black Friday promo, visit here.


Londonderry Colored Thread- 20% Off

This is a high quality, wet-spun linen thread, preferred by bookbinders everywhere.

Thickness: 18/3, length: 12 meters per spool (approx 13 yards)

All measurements are approximate!
18/3 = 0.60mm thickness
30/3 = 0.45mm thickness

30 colors available!



B2769 Foundations of Calligraphy by Sheila Waters– On Sale for $26.25! (Usually $35): In our blog post on the Best Beginner Books for Copperplate, we mentioned the highly popular and indispensable book Foundations of Calligraphy. ┬áNow, during our Black Friday sale, you can get your hands on a copy at a fantastic discounted rate.


In the 110 pages of exemplar alphabets, instruction, and hints, Sheila shares with you the knowledge she has gathered over her decades of study and practice. She provides insightful analysis of forms and constructions and helps you learn and work toward mastery of the alphabets. The presentation is honed by her vast experience teaching calligraphers how to advance their skills and art. Sheila Waters is not only a master scribe, but a master teacher. She has made both her life’s work.


B145 The Zanerian Manuel of Alphabets and Engrossing– Black Friday Price-$22 (Usually $28)

The first 21 pages by E.A. Lupfer provide some of the best Copperplate instruction available. He was a master of the hand. Other engrossing alphabets are shown, as well as many examples of engrossed pieces. Revised & reissued at intervals since it was first published as Zanerian Alphabets in 1895. This latest version is printed on glossy paper. The quality of some images is not as good as others.


B3962 Happy Lettering with the Right Tools– Black Friday Price- $16.88 (Usually: $22.50)

This enthusiastic book provides instruction on lettering with ruling pens – traditional ones and the newer ones made specifically for lettering. The author includes how to make a folded pen from an aluminum can, which she calls Can Pens (they are also called Cola Pens). Some instruction is also included for Automatic Pens and Suede Pens.


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