New Tim’s Folded Pens (N148) Now Available!


We have a new set of Tim’s Folded Pens available to order on our website. As you can see from the photo above, we have a limited supply of these unique folded pens in stock. Click Here to Choose Your Pen for Purchase!

From our product description:

“Each one of these pens is a versatile marking tool and a beautiful, handcrafted displayable object. Recycled metal cans are cut, hammered, and formed into the folded nib and combined with a turned hardwood handle and a bit of thin-walled brass pipe. These are truly instruments for expressive writing and drawing. The line width varies with the angle of the pen to the paper. Each one is also a lesson in sustainability. These were quick sellers at CNW, and purchasers included both students and instructors. Each pen is unique.”

Tim’s Pens Manufacture, Care & Use: Care.pdf

Price of N148: $36.00

Hurry, these pens go fast!

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