Luthis Pens: A Look at these Folded Pens from Argentina



There are four styles to choose from (Item: N155):

Butterfly (Mariposa). Has two writing edges.
Moth (Polillita). A smaller version of Butterfly (Mariposa).
Fan ( (Abanico). The writing edge curve is similar to a standard folded pen or calligraphy ruling pen.
Dragonfly ( (Libélula). The writing edge has a unique curve that allows you to change writing styles quickly. Carol DuBosch’s favorite of the four.


Folded metal pens for expressive writing and formal calligraphy. The tips are aluminum; the handles are unfinished wood. Approximately 6″ long. Four styles are offered; each writes differently. The pens are from Argentina; they are labeled with their Spanish names.


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Be sure to check out these sample works, using the Luthis Pens, from our Instagram page:

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