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For those interested in book bargains, check out the BOOK SALE pages of the JNB website. There are a good number of books marked down to $3 – $10. You can click on the categories at the top of the pages to get to subject areas you are most interested in: Book Arts, Bookbinding, Calligraphy & Illumination, Children’s and Gift, Books, Creativity, Painting, Papercraft, Pop-Up Books, Quotations, Type and Design, Zentangle, More Books. Several categories have multiple pages. Click this link to view these sale books and shop now on our website:

Here are a few of the titles currently on sale (as of 3/23/15):

B3044 Art Expose by Judy Melvin

Art Expose by Judy Melvin

Judy has put her workshop notes into book form. It’s a book of how to make beautiful artwork using the techniques for creative expression that she teaches. Full color. Includes:
Sumi Ink & Sink Art, Sumi Ink & TECH Ink, Gesso, Pastels & Stencils, Bleach & Pastels, and Walnut Ink.


B3910 Mastering Calligraphy

Mastering Calligraphy

This elegant book presents historical hands (such as Roman Capitals, Foundational, Uncial, Carolingian, Gothic, Italic); gestural and ruling pen forms; pointed pen alphabets and brush written forms. For each hand, a main alphabet with ductus is paired with variations and interspersed are profiles of calligraphers and examples of their work that features the hand. In addition, at the end of each section there is a related gallery (there are over 125 works shown). Chapters cover backgrounds and colors, layout and composition, illumination, digitizing hand lettering, and creating digital forms.
Gaye Godfrey-Nicholls is a professional calligrapher and teacher based in Perth, Australia


B2255 Book of Hebrew Script by Ada Yardeni

Book of Hebrew Script

A comprehensive work by a noted paleographer, graphic artist and type designer. Covers history of the alphabet and the birth of the Hebrew script, Hebrew script in early manuscripts, printed Hebrew script, and Hebrew paleography. A series of alphabet charts follow on the various hands.


B2762 The Encyclopedia of Calligraphy Techniques


This manual for beginning and intermediate scribes covers all the main hands plus edged brush and ruling pen. Includes an extensive section on illumination techniques plus experimental gilding and decorative borders. The extensive and superb gallery brings together traditional and experimental practitioners. Plenty here to inspire you!

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