Illuminating the Word: The Complete 7 Volumes of the Saint John’s Bible


The entire Bible is written by hand by a team of scribes: Donald Jackson, Brian Simpson, Sue Hufton, and Sally Mae Joseph. The many and wondrous illustrations and special text treatments are by Donald Jackson, Hazel Dolby, Thomas Ingmire, Sally Mae Joseph, Suzanne Moore, Chris Tomlin, and Diane von Arx.

Order the Entire 7 Volume Set or Individual Volumes Here: B3973. The Complete Saint John’s Bible

Prints from the Saint John’s Bible


SJ03 Ten Commandments Print- Artist: Thomas Ingmire.

“I wanted to show the power and promise of the Commandments, showing them forming out of a beautiful chaos. To reinforce the sense of abstraction, power and promise, I wanted the letters to be in the Latin alphabet and with use of typography.” -Thomas Ingmire.



SJ06 Opening of Gospel of Matthew Spread Print- Artist: Donald Jackson

This illumination represents the genealogy of Jesus as told in Matthew. Jesus’ family tree is depicted as a menorah, intertwined with spirals suggestive of DNA strands. The names are written in Hebrew and English.



SJ14 Sower and the Seed Print- Artists: Aiden Hart with Donald Jackson and Sally Mae Joseph

In this icon, Jesus wears blue jeans and scatters the seeds into the text of the Gospel. A bird searches for seed on thorny ground and rocky soil, as well on fertile land. This is one of the most popular prints from the St John’s Bible.

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