A Closer Look at Dr. Martin’s Iridescent Inks

I16_color bottles

One of our most popular calligraphy inks is Dr. Ph. Martin’s Iridescent ink (I16).

From our product description: These are great for pointed pen, broad-edged pen and brush. These colors flow out of a broad edge pen similar to regular ink. 1oz glass bottles with dropper top. Colors can be mixed. Truly waterproof when dry. The manufacturer says they are lightfast.

Our customers often want to know what the colors will look like once out of the bottle and are put to paper. Lucky for us, Cora Pearl, has sent us some color sheets to demonstrate the selection of colors that this ink offers. Special thank you to Cora!

Dr Martin’s Iridescent Inks on Black Paper:




Iridescent Yellow, Salmon, Jade, and Blue:

I16_colors black 4


Green, Jade, Deep Blue, Black Sparkle:

I16_colors black 4 part 2

Iridescent Inks on White Paper:

I16_color white total


Yellow, Salmon, Jade, Blue:

I16_colors white 4

Blue, Violet, Gold, White:

I16_colors white 4 2

Green, Jade, Deep Blue, Black Sparkle:

I16_colors white 4 3


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