New! Finetec Artist Mica Watercolor Palettes

If you’re new to our site or just simply a reminder, John Neal Books, has now added five new Finetec Artist Mica Watercolor sets to our online catalog. These beautiful and exciting new color palettes, offer a wide variety of shades and tones, that will be sure to add some vibrancy to your next artistic endeavor. The Artist Color Gold Set, has always been a hot seller, and a fun way to spruce up some work with a bit of gold. Now, you can expand your use even further with these five new sets and even our collection of individual color pans for purchase.

new-finetec mica


Here are the new sets available (Visit our site for more info):


S1014 Pastel Garden-A beautiful choice for those looking to work on black paper (as most of these colors are transparent). Six colors include: Shining Pink, Copper Pearl, Fine Gold, Rose, Green Pearl, Fine Lilac.



S1012 Sunrise Palette– An amazing color representation of watching the sun rise over the horizon. Six colors: Golden Orange, Arabic Gold, Chocolate, Bronze, Red Violet, and Red Brown.



S1011 Under the Sea- Something a bit more aquatic in nature with blues, greens, and silver. Colors include: Blue Silver, Blue Green, Moss Green, Midnight Blue, Blue Pearl, and Green Pearl.



S1010 Rainbow- A bright mix of rainbow inspired shades that adds some vibrant sparkle to your work. Colors include: Red, Golden Orange, Bronze, Moss Green, Midnight Blue, and Deep Purple. 



S1009 Stormy Night- A palette with some darker shades including: silver, black, and gray. Six colors: Silver Gray, Black Pearl, Blue Silver, Black Mica, Silver Pearl, and Sterling Silver.



Be sure to give these awesome mica based watercolors a try and remember to check out the individual pans that are also on sale on our website.

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