Learn How to Do Calligraphy with Our Sets and Kits for Beginners

If you are a beginner to calligraphy, then a great way to jump right into this art form and learn as you go is by trying out one of our calligraphy starter kits. We have put these sets of items together to take the guesswork out of finding what materials and tools are necessary to learn calligraphy from scratch. Each of the following three kits contains an instructional book, ink, and pens/nibs/holders. At the bottom of this page, we have included links to all of our available supply kits. Also, we have linked to more information about taking calligraphy classes online and our page about calligraphy events and classes around the United States.

(Each Kit is linked to our website for ease of purchase and more information)

K100-B. Copperplate Kit: Basic with Book 

Our Most Popular Kit!

K100-B Calligraphy Kit

Contains the basic items you need to learn copperplate. Includes the instructional book Mastering Copperplate by Eleanor Winters and materials that go along with her book: Hunt plastic oblique holder, 6 Gillott 303 nibs, 5 Gillott 404 nibs, Higgins Eternal ink, Boris Layout Pad (9″x12″, 50 sheets).


K105. Calligraphy Dip Pen Beginner’s Set 

(Also available for Left Handers)


This kit contains everything you need to begin your journey into calligraphy: nibs and holder, ink, an instructional book and practice paper that won’t bleed. These products are highest quality and come highly recommended. The Brause nibs are a well made and sturdy German product, ideal for beginners, the Higgins Ink is non waterproof and won’t build up on your nibs if you rinse it off after every use, the cotton comp pad does not feather or bleed, and Calligraphy Alphabets for Beginners is an excellent manual.
Kit contents: 3 Brause Broad-Edged Dip Nibs, Wood Holder Higgins Eternal Ink, 9×12 Cotton Comp Pad, Calligraphy Alphabet for Beginners.


K104. Italic Calligraphy Beginner’s Kit

(Also available for Left Handers)


Want to teach yourself Italic calligraphy?

Use this instructional and informative workbook and a fountain pen that exactly fits the exercises. Provides thorough instruction on italic calligraphy and handwriting. Kit contains Italic Letters by Dubay & Getty and Manuscript Deluxe Set (contains six different nibs).


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