Kuretake Bimoji (Fude) Brush Pen


Introducing a newer product we are carrying from Kuretake, the Bimoji brush pen (item M110)

A firm, felt-tip brush marker with a nice spring. Also called Bimoji Fude Pen (fude is Japanese for brush). Pigmented, waterproof when dry. Black only. Highly recommended.


Here are some of our other selections from Kuretake:


FP139 Kuretake Brush Writer II


Similar to the Pentel Color Brush, this brush pen has a true brush writing tip of synthetic fibers. Pigmented ink.

Carol Dubosch uses this pen with the Pan Pastel Colors (item S952).


I131 Kuretake Black Ink

I131_350 Kuretake Black Ink

Smooth-flowing black sumi. Water-based pigment, waterproof when dry. For lettering and manga drawing, very quick drying; smudge proof with alcohol markers.

60ml (2oz) plastic bottle.


I126 Kuretake Sumi Ink


Great for lettering. Rich, opaque black. Less odor than some other Sumi inks. Water-based pigment, waterproof when dry. 2oz (60ml).

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