Noodler’s Fountain Pen Ink: A Closer Look

Among our best selling fountain pen inks for calligraphers, is Noodler’s. These colorful and fantastically useful inks have a lot of fans, but also lots of options, in terms of colors. Choosing among them can be difficult, as well as, a great problem to have. In this post, let’s take a closer look at Noodler’s Fountain Pen Inks, and see what the colors really look like in practice.



Many of the rich colors of these popular fountain pen inks are unique. The black is lightfast and waterproof (on paper). All are suitable for regular fountain pens and the Pilot Parallel Pen. Michael has found that these inks work great for dip nibs (chisel and pointed). The colors are very vibrant! Tall, 3 oz glass bottle.

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Still can’t decide which color? Try our sample sizes

Take a look at the Noodler’s color chart below for available colors:


Here’s another color chart for these inks:


Bottle of Noodler’s Cactus Fruit and the Noodler’s Brush Fountain PenĀ (currently unavailable)


Noodler’s ink sample writing in different colors:







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