How to Refill Copic Wide Markers: A Brief Tutorial

Copic Wide Refill

One marker which people sometimes like to work with is the Copic Wide Marker (M71).

It features a refillable polyester nib and is available in both the regular wide and oblique cut. One common question that comes along with using this marker is, “How exactly do I refill it?”  Here is a brief step by step tutorial on how to get more ink on the nib and when it should be refilled with ink.


When and how do I refill my Copic Markers?
When you see streaking in your work, it is time to refill your marker.
1. Match the color number of your marker with the color number on the Copic Various Ink Cap (M73. Copic Marker Refill).

2. Always work over a protected surface or paper plate. Hold the marker in one hand, at a slightly tilted angle.

3. With the other hand gently dab 30-40 drops onto the nib surface. Allow each drop to be absorbed before adding the next. 30-40 drops will recharge your marker for a while. Wide markers have a built-in notch at the base of the nib that the ink dropper fits into for refilling.


4. Try not to overfill. Use a tissue to absorb the extra ink. Use rubbing alcohol to clean any ink spills or to wipe your marker clean. You can rinse dirty caps in alcohol and wipe the insides clean with a cotton swab.


That’s really all that’s to it! It’s easier than you might think and as long as you create a space for easy clean up it is a very simple process.

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