Instructional Calligraphy DVDs by Reggie Ezell

We now carry 5 DVDs from Reggie Ezell’s series on various topics in calligraphy. This videos are a great learning experience for beginning and intermediate students of calligraphy and lettering. Reggie has taught calligraphy for over 30 years, and his yearlong courses have been among the most highly regarded and sought after in the U.S. and Canada. Here is a sample look at the Basic Blackletter DVD (DVD59) from Reggie’s YouTube channel:


Videos available in the series:

Each DVD is currently $15 with a quantity discount when 4 or more DVDs are purchased.  View more information for purchase here:

DVD55. Italic Minuscules


DVD56. Carolingian Minuscules


DVD57. Pointed Brush Basics


DVD58. Basic Romans DVD


DVD59. Basic Blackletter DVD




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