Zig Metallic Calligraphy Markers (M109) Color Charts!

Zig has a lot of great options for calligraphers, who want to use markers on their projects. This of course includes the Zig Memory System Scroll & Brush Marker, which gives you two sides to choose from. They also offer (and we at JNB carry) the Zig Metallic Calligraphy Marker, which features two chisel-edge sides, to write with. Individually, these markers come in gold or silver, but there is also the set of 6 colors available for sale (Product: M109, on our website). Let’s look at what these colors actually look like in practice (photos below), on a sheet of fine black paper.



Zig Calligraphy Double-Sided Metallic Markers


The same high quality as our other Zig makers, but now in metallic colors! The markers have 2.0 and 3.5mm tips; set contains Gold, Silver and Metallic Red, Blue, Green and Violet. Waterproof, archival, looks great on dark paper.

Take a look at the demo color charts below and shop this marker from our online catalog here: Item M109


The individual colors available (gold & silver)


The Set of 6 Zig Metallics

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