2015 Classes at Cedar Lakes Conference Center (WV) with Sharon Lee Hanse

Two upcoming classes with calligrapher Sharon Lee Hanse at the Cedar Lakes Conference Center in Ripley, WV. Please follow the links below:




Sharon  Lee Hanse will teach


At Cedar Lakes Conference Center, Ripley, WV,www.cedarlakes.com, info@cedarlakes.com, 304-372-7873


The calligraphic letter style known as Italic can be one of the most challenging to master due to the many variables that are part of its construction.

In this class we will study the variables and nuances that make Italic italic.

Using a number of exercises, students will come to understand this letterform better so that they can make it express emotion or mood to suggest elegance, lightness, fragility, etc.

Learning to understand and control the slant, the branching, arching, serifs, joins, ligatures, pen angles, etc, will give the calligrapher the ability to master this letterform.

Further exercises will develop the “Disciplined Freedom” that comes from putting that knowledge to work with the ability to manipulate the pen and understand pressure and release techniques and the basics of flourishing.


Fees: Commuter $143.10, Dorms $214.14, Holt Lodge single – $258.66 or Pair – $334.98



Sharon Lee Hanse will teach:

CAROLINGIAN CONQUERED – Oct. 16 – 18, 2015

At Cedar Lakes Conference Center, Ripley, WV,

www.cedarlakes.com, info@cedarlakes.com, 304-372-7873


The Carolingian script is an historical minuscule letter form that is the basis for more modern forms of Western scripts. It had been ignored until recently.

This letterform has wide bouncing letters that combine the legibility of the Roman minuscules with the liveliness of Italic, yet has a character all its own.  Once understood, it can be written fairly rapidly with an economy of pen lifts.

As with Italic, variations are possible that give it the adaptability needed to express a wide range of emotions and moods.

Students will study a bit of the historical forms, then move into the modern interpretations.

This is a beautiful hand that can be adapted for many uses.


Fees: Commuter $143.10, Dorms $214.14, Holt Lodge single – $258.66 or Pair – $334.98

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