Gold Inks: Our Most Popular Golden Ink Choices for Calligraphers

One color that calligraphers and other artists seem to like to use in their work is gold. It can definitely add a certain shimmer to any project and really make the lettering stand out. For this post, we wanted to take a look at some of our most popular inks which feature a gold color and present some color charts to make the decision of which one is the right gold for your needs a bit easier.


I27 Dr. Ph Martin’s Spectralite Ink– There are two different golds available from Dr. Martin’s Spectralite line of inks, the 14 karat and then the 18 karat gold. Spectralite is popular for pointed pen work. 1oz plastic dropper bottle.
Acrylic. Waterproof when dry.
The 18 karat is far and away the most popular of the two and indeed probably the most popular gold of all. Take a look at the following color charts for more detail:

The (I27) Dr. Ph Martin’s Spectralite color chart

Here is another sample chart of these inks in action:

i27-chart i27 sample chart


(I16) Dr. Ph. Martin’s Iridescent Calligraphy Ink– Another wildly popular option for gold ink is the Copperplate Gold in the Dr. Martin’s Iridescent Ink. These colors flow out of a broad edge pen like ink. 1oz glass bottles with dropper top. Colors can be mixed. Truly waterproof when dry. The manufacturer says they are lightfast.


(I56) W&N Gold Drawing InkBoth Mike Kecseg and Valerie Weilmunster recommended this gold for decorating letters at their classes at IAMPETH. 1oz glass bottle.

i56_350 W&N Gold Drawing


(I13) FW Acrylic Artist’s Ink– There are two gold options available from FW Acrylic. These acrylic inks are for dip pen, brush, and technical pens (but not fountain pens). Pigmented, water-resistant. Lightfastness: either 3 (permanent) or 4 ( highly permanent) star rating. Fully intermixable. Can be thinned (with water) for washes which dry water-resistant and additional painting or lettering can be done on top without bleeding or intermixing of colors.

Here is the Color Chart for I13

As you can see from the chart, the Imitation Gold is more of a yellow gold than the Shimmering Gold is.


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