Waterproof Fountain Pen Ink?

Fountain pen inks come in a ton of different colors, opacity, shimmering finishes, and other options. One thing, that these inks are often note, is waterproof. Many of the popular and most highly regarded brands, don’t do all that well when exposed to H2O. For most projects, that won’t be a problem, as we have no need to get them wet. However, certain times call for an ink to be waterproof. What options do calligraphers have when using a fountain pen?






Best Waterproof Fountain Pen Ink?


Sometimes, a project may come along that requires the use of an ink which is waterproof. Now, finding one that will work well in a fountain pen can be a difficult task. This is because, the options are few and far between, and some can be risky to use with your pen.

One of the top options for calligraphers and artists is Calli Ink. The colors by Calli ink are brighter and more opaque than other similar inks such as Pelikan 4001; but not quite as much as gouache.

Calli Ink is a pigmented, acrylic based waterproof fountain pen ink. You should rinse out your pen before filling it with Calli ink. Do not store Calli Ink in your pen if you do not use your pen frequently.

We at John Neal, Bookseller do not recommend Calli Ink for expensive or vintage fountain pens.

While Calli works very well in fountain pens, it dries waterproof and can potentially ruin a pen. Used correctly in an inexpensive fountain pen, this ink can perform very well for calligraphers or other artists who are in need of an ink that will dry and resist water.


Is Fountain Pen Ink Usually Waterproof?

No, most fountain pen inks will not be waterproof, because they are water based. However, there are some select brands, which do have waterproof ink options. More likely, they will be water-resistant.

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