Calligraphy Lessons Online! 2015 Classes with Acorn Arts

Web-Based Classes for Calligraphy


As we have noted before on this blog, there are plenty of options for students looking to being or continue practicing calligraphy on the internet. One really great option is through Acorn Arts and their classes taught by Harvest Crittenden. Well, since it is a new year, that means a new round of instruction with Harvest and an opportunity for you to sign up for these wonderful lessons.

Click here to visit Acorn Arts and find more info on the class Advanced Spencerian Lettering. Here is a brief description from their website:

The Advanced Spencerian online class is a unique extension of the Beginning Spencerian class for individuals interested in furthering their penmanship skills. The purpose of this program is to feature instruction that picks up where the Beginning Spencerian online class leaves off. American Ornamental Penmanship will be taught on an advanced level that will provide a Master Penman’s subject depth to the student

For the supply list to this class, please visit our website here!

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