Online Calligraphy Classes: Lettering Lessons for Beginners

Lots of beginner calligraphers have trouble knowing where to start on their lettering journeys. One option is to take classes with a private teacher or to attend workshops. For some, this isn’t practical and for others they would rather learn in the comfort of their own home. Whatever your reasoning, one really great option for newbie calligraphers is to take online lessons, through series of videos and receiving feedback from their peers and their teacher. Here are three options for students looking to begin learning online:


Online Classes with Harvest Crittenden– Harvest teaches calligraphy classes over at These classes come in the form of video lessons which allows a student to learn whenever they wish and at their own pace. There are also student forums available so that a student can receive feedback on their work from others and Harvest herself. It looks as if the Fall 2014 class on Spencerian Lettering has just come to a close but a new class should be starting up for the new year. For more information:

Our Harvest Crittenden Supply List Page:


Skillshare Classes with Bryn Chernoff of Paperfinger–  Bryn teaches a series of three classes on Skillshare for calligraphy beginners.  Each class is roughly an hour long and free to sign up for. “Calligraphy I” now has over 1,900 students who have enrolled and begun learning through the video lessons. There are forums for feedback and questions and complete instructions on how to complete the class project. For more information:

Get the Recommended tools and materials for this class with our Paperfinger Kits:


Jean Wilson’s Instruction on Jean’s Blog-Nib lessons from Jean Wilson on the blog she runs. Take a look at some of her tutorial videos here:

Click here to learn more about the nib lessons:

Here is the supply list for Jean’s class:


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