New Calligraphy Ink! I150 True Walnut Ink

We have a new calligraphy ink in stock and ready for purchase! Item I150, True Walnut Ink. This ink is derived from a different method versus our S449 Walnut Ink Crystals. The crystals dissolve in water to make ink. For True Walnut Ink, we soak the walnut husks (from the Black Walnut Tree) for a few days, then we strain and add a tiny bit of alcohol to inhibit mold growth. Creates a rich, dark brown. True Walnut Ink is currently available in a 1 oz size.




We also have available, item I149 True Walnut Ink Kit. This allows you to create 2 or 4 ounces of True walnut ink (depending on the size you choose) by following the recipe and allowing the walnut hulls to soak for between 2-4 days. Visit the link above to purchase. See photo below for included materials:

i148 true walnut ink kit recipe

Here is our YouTube tutorial video on the step by step process of making your own True Walnut Ink:

Be sure to visit our website for our complete stock of inks for calligraphy and fountain pens. We always have plenty of colors and types of inks to choose from.

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