New Books at John Neal Bookseller April 2015

Here is a selection of new books we are now carrying on a variety of topics. Please scroll below for more information.


B3930-P The Golden Thread by Ewan Clayton (Paperback Edition)


Marks each step in the historical development of writing, and explores the social and cultural impact of every stage: the invention of the alphabet; the replacement of the papyrus scroll with the codex in the late Roman period; the perfecting of printing using moveable type in the fifteenth century and the ensuing spread of literacy; the industrialization of printing during the Industrial Revolution; the impact of artistic Modernism on the written word in the early twentieth century – and of the digital switchover at the century’s close.


B4033 World of Artist Journal Pages by Dawn DeVries Sokol


Available April 2015.
Features more than 1,000 captivating pages from artists across the globe. Lists of techniques and materials used for each page, plus behind-the-scenes interviews, give readers a glimpse inside the minds of new and established artists, making this a stimulating compilation sure to inspire beginners and seasoned art journalists alike. Dawn DeVries Sokol is the author of 1,000 Artist Journal Pages, which features pages from American artists.


B4045  Skies of Parchment, Seas of Ink


Available April 2015.
This full survey of Jewish illuminated manuscripts, ranging from their origins in the Middle Ages to the present day, introduces readers to the history of these manuscripts and their interpretations. Features some of the most beautiful examples of Jewish art of all time, including hand-illustrated versions of the Bible, the Haggadah, the prayer book, marriage documents, and other beloved Jewish texts. Magnificently illustrated with pages from hundreds of manuscripts, many previously unpublished or rarely seen.


B4044 Cover to Cover 20th Anniversary Edition by Shereen LaPlantz


First published in 1995, Cover to Cover helped launch many of us into the craft of making books by hand. This beautiful 20th anniversary edition can do the same for you with its foundational, step-by-step instructions. It explains all the basics and shows how to create, fold, assemble, and stitch a range of books and journals, from simple pamphlets to accordion-folded signatures, using a variety of materials. Shereen LaPlantz was the founder of the magazine Bound & Lettered.


B4034 Zentangle 11: Lettering, Quotes & Inspirational Sayings by Suzanne McNeill


Available April 2015. Discover how to use text to add quotes, sentiments, and uplifting words to your Zentangle-inspired art. Thirty original tangles and a practice workbook. Includes sample alphabets.


B4049 Handmade Type Workshop by Charlotte Rivers


This book covers a wide range of lettering and alphabets: illustrated or hand-drawn; printed, stitched, or cut; ones digitally drawn; three-dimensional ones; and ones that use photography. Profile and gallery spreads alternate with tutorial spreads. There is a lot of fun in the book – letters to delight your eye and to give you ideas to try. The tutorials are an excellent addition.


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