Dr. Ph Martin’s Spectralite Ink Color Chart and Sample Sizes!



Here is a really nice color chart shown on both black and white paper for the selection of Dr. Ph Martin’s Spectralite Ink (I27). If you are looking to try out all of the colors shown above, consider purchasing our set of 8 (1/2 oz) Spectralite jars: http://www.johnnealbooks.com/prod_detail_list/s?keyword=i27+sample

This acrylic ink is waterproof when it has dried and is a very popular choice for pointed pen work. The 54K 18 Carat Gold ink is one of the most popular choices for Gold ink in calligraphy

How can I use Dr. Martin’s Spectralite Ink to finally get the gold or copper color that I need? All of the various inks and gouaches are different shades and I am having trouble finding the exact shade I need.
Because the entire line of Dr. Martin’s Spectralite are pigmented metallic colors, you can mix different shades in the line to produce a wider range of colors than is available in the bottle.


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