Color Chart for the Zig Scroll & Brush Marker (M87)


Zig Scroll & Brush Markers


These fun markers feature a scroll tip on one side and a brush tip on the opposite side to help give some exciting style to your projects. They are not only acid-free but also pigmented and waterproof when dry.

Available Colors:
Pure Black, Pure Green, Pure Red, Baby Blue, English Lavender, Hunter Green, Platinum, Pure Brown, Pure Blue, Pure Pink, Pure Orange, Pure Violet, Pure Yellow, Spring Green, Steel Grey, Summer Sun, Rose.

As you can see from the picture above we have plenty of colors to choose from in the Kuretake Zig Scroll & Brush Marker. This is item M87 in our catalog. New lower price! Current as of writing, quantity discount for 4 or more. Check it out online here!

Below you can see what these markers look like in action with our handy color chart:

Zig Scroll & Brush Marker

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