March and April Calligraphy Workshops with Masscribes

Here are two more workshops for those living in Massachusetts or the greater New England area presented by Masscribes, the New England Calligraphy Organization:



Masscribes is pleased to offer a pointed pen workshop on the Dashy Script a la Louis Madarasz featuring Bolder Strokes and Fewer Swirls. This special opportunity is being team taught by John DeCollibus and Sharon D. Eisman. April 11 and 12, 2015 from 9 to 5, in Norwood, MA. $125 for Masscribes members or $150 for non-members. For more information or to join Masscribes please visit or email at

Here is an excerpt from their website description of the workshop:

Louis Madarasz was an American Calligrapher (January 10, 1859 – December 23, 1910) and teacher, born in San Antonio, TX and was regarded as one of the most highly skilled ornamental penmen of all time. The Dashy Script is based on Louis Madarasz’s style. In this workshop we will examine the obvious and the subtle differences between Copperplate and the “Dashy” Script which includes more angular lower case letters, capitals, and beginning and ending strokes.

Also, on March 28, 2015, there will be a one day Copperplate Refresher course with Sharon Eisman. Here is a brief description:

Masscribes’ member, Sharon D. Eisman will be teaching. This will be a class for those already familiar with pointed pen and either Copperplate or Spencerian styles. If you are worried that your Copperplate is rusty then this class is for you.


Please be sure to contact Masscribes if you are interested in attending these events and check back on the John Neal Bookseller website for the supply lists for these workshops here:


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